Buy tires and rims in our Online Store, your consumer rights are protected by LAW!

Kolesoplus Company values its reputation, striving to provide all customers with perfect service and wide range of tires from world-leading manufacturers known for the top quality and reliability of their products. 

However, the human factor cannot be ignored, and a product may come of poor quality or may not meet your expectations or requirements.

We highly appreciate our customers’ confidence when choosing our company, and we assure that any default situation will be handled in the shortest time possible in compliance with all warranties and consumer protection regulations according to the applicable Belarusian law! 

Return of poor quality products under warranty: 

  • Poor quality products can be returned, exchanged into similar products or repairs free of charge during the entire warranty period or product shelf life; 
  • The warranty period starts from the moment of product delivery to the customer;  
  • Warranty period for tires – 24 months, wheel rims – 12 months. 

Pursuant to TECHNICAL CODE OF GENERAL PRACTICE No. 299-2011, as adopted and implemented Enactment No. 149-C of the Belarusian Transport & Communication Ministry on March 21, 2011, the product warranty shall apply to all workmanship defects.   

To confirm a warranty case, an expert analysis of product operation, assembly and storage conditions shall be performed, which resulted in expert report specifying the objective cause of tire damage. If no breach of product operation, service and storage regulations is reported and the product defect or damage is found to have been caused by material or workmanship defects, the customer may claim for free product replacement or refund in full.  

Return of proper quality goods:

Any case of inaccurate selection of product or nonconformity to the information provided at the website should be reported to Kolesoplus Online Store sales manager! 

Definitely, you are granted a 14-days’ grace period following the date of product purchase and delivery for free product exchange into similar product of a different size, shape, dimension, design, color and package, or alternatively for refund in full within 7 (seven) days. 

For the exchange procedure to comply with the applicable law requirements, please note that the following terms and conditions shall be complied with: 

  • The product shall not be used;
  • Its consumer properties shall be maintained; 
  • You should provide the proof of product purchase in our company (it is recommended to keep your cash receipt to confirm the product purchase). 

Full or partial refund can be effected as follows: 

  • If paid in cash in the store, the refund can be made instantly at the point of purchase or within 7 days against customer’s request submitted; 
  • If paid by payment card, the refund is made to the same payment card used for the product payment. Please note that, if paid via online systems, payment terminals, SST or online wallet, the funds shall be returned to the payment card account or online wallet account respectively.
  • If paid to the courier, the refund is made in cash at any company office. 

To avoid disputes and waste of time for searching purchase evidences, we strongly recommend keeping your cash receipts and electronic confirmation of purchase. 

Respectfully yours, 
KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store Administration.

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