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При покупке комплекта шин MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, PIRELLI — профессиональный шиномонтаж в подарок!
Сеть шинных центров «Колесоплюс» предлагает своим покупателям беспрецедентные условия покупки шин премиум брендов! У нас вы...
Сеть шинных центров «Колесоплюс» предлагает покупателям следующие варианты оплаты товаров и услуг в рассрочку:  1. Расс...
Уважаемые партнёры! Если вашей компании требуются грузовые или легковые шины, но бюджет не позволяет произвести оплату сразу...
Паркам на заметку. TRADE-IN, выкуп каркасов и восстановление грузовых шин в Колесоплюс! Более 80% крупнейших автопарков Бела...
В ноябре власти ЕС договорились об изменении евромаркировки. Преобразования коснутся дизайна – символы и размеры останутся преж...
Осенью 2019 года Hankook представила на китайском рынке бюджетные покрышки с технологией RunFlat. Laufenn LK01B – это летняя...
2019 год для Bridgestone ознаменовался выпуском новой линейки нешипованных покрышек для внедорожников и кроссоверов. Серия полу...


Kolesoplus offers truck tires in Minsk, Vitebsk, Brest, Gomel, Mogilev and Grodno.

Our Online Store catalogue represents a wide range of truck tires or reputed brands on stock and at fair prices. Use quick search to find tires to your liking.
Due to well-organized system of data downloading and updating, you can easily find all the necessary information to make your choice, i.e.:
  • cost of truck tires;
  • tire tread designs;
  • technical specifications;
  • terms of purchase and payment.

What truck tires to buy?

Kolesoplus Company is a Belarusian official importer of truck tires of such world-known brands as Michelin , Goodyear , Continental , Hankook. Moreover, you can benefit from fair prices on truck tires of the following brands:

Barum Kormoran Tigar Cordiant Sava Fulda Kelly KAMA Aurora Bontyre

Truck tire marketing in Minsk is one of the top priorities of our company, as Belarus is known to be a transit country with developed infrastructure for international transportation of goods and Minsk is the largest transport hub of Europe. 

We understand that truck tires make the major cost-bearing item in transport and logistics companies. For this reason, we pay a particular attention to the range of tires available, giving preference only to models and brands of good quality that are reliable, durable and time-proven.

Buying truck tires in our store is a quality assured experience! Definitely, this means the security for your truck and goods transported. 

Professional drivers understand well the importance of reasonable choice of truck tires. The technical specification requirements are much more stringent, as compared to passenger car tires. 

Kolesoplus Company has been doing its tire business for more than 20 years, and presently truck tire sales is more like philosophy with focus on our customer, rather than a mere business for us. 

How to buy truck tires in our Online Store? 

Make your search by using such parameters like: 

  • tire type and size (385/60R22.5);
  • application geography (regional; long-haul);
  • road conditions and specific features of transport (mining trucks, agricultural vehicles, municipal & utility transport, etc.);
  • tire design (radial, diagonal, all-steel cord, etc.).

We have thoroughly selected and classified all tires shown in Kolesoplus Online Store catalogue to conform to specific performance requirements of trucks, buses and various vehicles of specialized applications. 

Just give us a call! Our experts will answer all questions of your particular interest, as may be related to price, stock availability, delivery and payment terms, and give a helping hand in making your choice of truck tires. Please contact us at: 

Please refer to our company to buy truck tires in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk. Now available in Moscow, Bryansk and Smolensk! 

Buy wherever it is convenient for you! Kolesoplus Online Store delivers truck tires to more than 100 cities of Belarus.

You can choose and buy the tire you need right now, using our website! Thank you for being with us! 

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