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В ноябре власти ЕС договорились об изменении евромаркировки. Преобразования коснутся дизайна – символы и размеры останутся преж...
Осенью 2019 года Hankook представила на китайском рынке бюджетные покрышки с технологией RunFlat. Laufenn LK01B – это летняя...
2019 год для Bridgestone ознаменовался выпуском новой линейки нешипованных покрышек для внедорожников и кроссоверов. Серия полу...


KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store offers passenger car and truck tires from leading global manufacturers.

For easy and quick choice, all tire models in our catalogues have original markings, descriptions, specifications, relevant information about availability on stock or purchase on order, methods of payments and manufacturer’s warranty.  

We pay close attention to demands and preferences of our customers and work continuously on expanding the product range, integrating new positions in our stock. 

If you could not find and buy tires you want – please give us a call or leave a callback order on our website! The tire model of your interest may be available in our Tire Centers, but can be temporarily out of our Online Store system due to technological reasons. 

The first-time customers are recommended to draw attention to the following sections: 




Save your time – call us right now! Specialists with more than twenty years experience are ready to help you! Professional advice is free. We value the trust of our customers, so we will surely help you in making the weighted and thoughtful decision according to your requirements and expectations.

For passenger cars, SUV, CUV, minivans, minibuses and light trucks, three main types of tires are presented in Passenger Tires section of our Online Store: summer tires, winter tires and all-season (universal) tires; based on tread design: symmetrical, asymmetrical and unidirectional. 

A convenient selection filter system is arranged for your easy search and selection of tires based on their size, cross-section, width, diameter, season, brand, as well as on car make, year of manufacture and engine type.  

While selecting the necessary section and searching for the appropriate tire type and size, the following peculiarities should be taken into account: 

Summer tires are operated during the period March to November, after the constant ambient temperature exceeds +7°C. More details on summer tires. 


Pursuant to Belarusian Presidential Decree No. 483 of October 13, 2014, on making amendments to Presidential Decree No. 551 of November 28, 2005, related to measures to improve road safety, it is prohibited to use summer tires during winter seasons from December 1 to March 1 on vehicles with authorized gross weight (AGW) up to 3.5 tons, passenger and cargo-passenger cars weighing more than 3.5 tons, and buses weighing up to 5 tons. 

It is recommended to change for winter tires at constant ambient temperatures below 7°C.

Please remember – the lower comes the outdoor temperature, the lower is the efficiency of summer tire, which, due to a more rigid composition, starts to freeze at zero and below zero temperatures, thus losing its traction properties.

Winter tires feature a softer rubber compound (larger share of rubber), specific tread pattern with small cut (lamellar) and can additionally be equipped with studs (or extra options to improve traction). In most cases, the tread pattern of winter tires will be asymmetric and unidirectional. When temperatures rising above +8°C, the use of winter tires is impractical due to increased wear of tires. More details on winter tires.

All-season tires serve a compromise solution, to certain extent, to incorporate some properties of both winter and summer tires. This type of tires can be used all year round, but it should be noted that this primarily applies to countries with warm climates and mild winters. All-season (universal) tires are suitable in our country’s climatic environment for car drivers who avoid buying two sets of tires and make rare trips with calm and intelligent driving style.

Truck tire wholesaling and retailing is one of KOLESOPLUS’ major business streams.

Operators of trucks, buses, building machinery, municipal and utility vehicles can search for various options in Truck Tires section:

Truck steer tires

Truck drive tires

Trailer and semi-trailer tires

For your comfort, our truck tire catalogue provides the full range of tires available on stock with detailed specifications, features a convenient system of selection filters for prompt selection of truck tires depending on their width, cross-section, diameter, axes and brands.

Should you be unable to find the suitable truck tires, just give us a call or order a callback on the website! Most probably, the tire model of your interest may be available in our Tire Centers, but can be temporarily out of our Online Store system due to technological reasons. In most rare cases, you can place the order, and we deliver the necessary tires in the shortest time possible.

Due to specific business peculiarities, you can find out the prices, place the order and buy truck tires following direct consultations with our company’s lead experts.

Passenger car and truck tires can be purchased directly at Kolesoplus Tire Centers in Minsk, Brest, Gomel and Vitebsk.

We also arrange deliveries to more than 100 cities of Belarus! Due to well-organized logistics, we can deliver passenger car and truck tires to all Belarusian cities within one to three days.

Definitely, all products and services supplied by our company are covered by product warranty; we provide the full package of shipment documents and conformity certificates.

KOLESOPLUS ULC; 28 ul. Platonova, Suite 28, Minsk 220005, Belarus. Taxpayer No. 101346274. Registered by Minsk Region Executive Committee on 05/04/2012. New entry in the Trade Register dated 21/11/2016 under No. 359406.