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Payment methods to buy in KOLESOPLUS.BY Tire & Rim Online Store

KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store is organized as an equivalent division of Kolesoplus Tire Center network.

Online purchases with us feature the same terms and conditions of sale, prices and warranties for all products as applicable for direct shopping in our Tire Centers.

We thank you for confidence and choice of our company!

You can pay for a favored product or service in any convenient way. For payment issues, we pay special attention to the transaction safety and convenience for our customers, thus, any payment methods offered is absolutely reliable – we deal like banks do!


Cash payments in Belarusian rubles.

Following the confirmation of your order, you can effect cash payment:

  • At pick-up points or Tire Centers of our company;
  • Directly to the courier service agent upon delivery to your address.

It is a mandatory requirement for the cash receipt and warranty card to be issued to you immediately, such documents to specify the details of your purchase, warranty terms, seller details and amount paid.

Model purchase confirmation documents: Cash receipt, warranty card.


Payments by Khalva card

You can pay for tires and rims as well as for car tire service and repair at our Tire Centers by Khalva payment card with 2-mo. Deferred payment by installments and no down-payment required. Contract your Khalva card and come for shopping with us!

Khalva project gives an opportunity for instant shopping with no money. Interest-free installments apply for 100% value of products or services ordered by you. Buy now, and make your payments in equal installments for two months. At the same time, there are no down-payments, bank charges, and no overpayments! All you have to do is to make your choice of product, and pay by Khalva card.

Attention! Any discounts or promotions shall not apply for Khalva payments. You can use your Khalva cards for buying passenger car tires and rims only. Truck tires and rims may not be paid for by Khalva cards. Khalva cards are not accepted for tire services in Vitebsk and Gomel. No delivery service can be paid for by Khalva cards. You can pay for and pick up the products and order for tire service directly at our Tire Centers.


Bank card payments.

You can pay for your order with a Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BelCard payment card either at our company’s office or directly to courier service agent upon delivery.
Bank card payments can only be performed by the cardholder, whose name and surname are imprinted at the card. Following the transaction, the company officer or courier service agent shall compare the signature handwriting with the specimen signature on the card; in case of mismatch, the transaction is canceled. Definitely, any payment made shall be reversed, and the amount shall be refunded to the cardholder’s account.


WEBPAY™ e-payments

WEBPAY ™ e-payment system is a fast and convenient method of online shopping with VISA, MasterCard, BELCART payment cards, belqi e-money, ERIP inter-bank payment system and WebPay e-payment system. WEBPAY ™ e-payment system allows: to make payments by bank cards directly at the website; to receive e-invoices for payment of goods and services by e-mail. Due to Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode modern information security technologies, as well as 3D Secure and MicroPayment transaction support systems, you can be absolutely sure of the security and reliability of this method of payment. WEBPAY meets all international security standards for operation of bank payment cards, e.g.: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). When placing an online order, choose “Bank card payment online”, then the payer should enter your name, surname and e-mail address. Then, a notice will be sent to payer’s given e-mail address with information on Webpay new account opening, and a request to follow the link for payment. After clicking “Pay the invoice” button, the buyer will go to the payment page of Webpay system, where he will have to enter the details of his/her payment card. All data are transmitted via a dedicated channel using modern encryption methods. Any interception of confidential information is infeasible. Data is transmitted in an encrypted form and stored only on a dedicated server of WEBPAY ™ system. Go to WEBPAY™.


Wire payments.

Individuals: KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store is integrated in the national payment system operated by the Belarusian National Bank – ERIP inter-bank payment system incorporating 27 major banks of Belarus, as well as popular online payment services – EasyPay, WebMoney, belqi, iPay. Choose your convenient method of payment: mobile banking, e-banking or SMS-banking, cash-to-bank, ATM or self-service terminals (SST).


Bank or postal money transfers.

Many people deal with bank and postal money transfers every day: payment of utility bills, mobile communications, education, various training courses, etc., so this method of payment can be considered outdated, but it is familiar, reliable and understandable.
To make payments, you can visit any bank office or Belpochta office, just print out or fill in the money transfer form for payment.
Give the money transfer form together with the cash to the cash operator.
Please note: depending on the date and time of money transfer, it may take one to three days for the money to be credited to our account - be sure to keep the receipt. 


Legal entities:

Kolesoplus Company sells tires and rims and renders tire services to legal entities of any legal status by use of wire transfer settlements. All prices for products and services, as given KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store include VAT, which makes it easy to make your choice and decision. Moreover, by calling our experts, you may find out that our company’s offers have a number of convincing advantages and bring significant benefits. Individual approach and warm welcome is guaranteed!


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