High time for seasonal change of tires? Any vibration or play of wheels while driving? Your wheel goes flat from time to time? Need to fix a cut or blowout of tire casing? Do you want to know a price of professional tire fitting and fixing service? Are you looking for a reliable service contractor for your own fleet? You have come to the right place! 

Kolesoplus Company offers the full range of tire services for passenger cars and trucks using professional equipment of world-known leading companies - HAWEKA, HUNTER, BATLER, etc. 

In addition to any tire fitting works, Kolesoplus Tire Service stands ready to provide the following services: 

  • Highly accurate alignment by using the wheel hub simulation technology; 
  • Alignment of wheels without hub centric rings;
  • Tire repair of any complexity (repairing sidewall cuts, breaks, blisters); 
  • Tread cutting; 
  • Trade-in of truck tires suitable for reconstruction; 
  • Repairing of any defects of cast alloy and steel rims (repairing of wheel wobbles, fixing of cracks, reconstruction after rear-end impacts). 

Please remember that correct selection of tires and rims as well as tire service quality (tire fitting, wheel alignment) have a major influence not only on comfortable driving and fuel efficiency, but, first of all, on driver and passengers safety. For commercial companies, this means safety and security of expensive transport vehicles and goods transported. 

Nowadays, time is the most valuable resource, and everyone may use it as they wish! Save your time – please call us or just come to us! Kolesoplus Company specialists will provide professional assistance and advice in any questions related to selection of tires and rims, tire fitting, wheel alignment; they can perform diagnostics of tire condition, advise the practicability of repairing sidewall cuts, breaks or blisters, calculate the costs of tread cutting or truck tire trade-in (if repairable). 

Each customer will be definitely given a warm welcome and special attention. 

Professional tire service for passenger cars and trucks, experienced specialists, high quality service and low price! Any more benefits to be desired? 

We are happy to do our work for your pleasure! 

Comfortable parking, cozy sofas, tea, coffee, free Wi-Fi and TV will please your idle waiting. Are you still thinking over? – Please call us to find out more about sales promotions for our customers!  

KOLESOPLUS – when your wheels need more than air!

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