Warranty periods for truck and car tires – up to 5 years!

Every product and service purchased at Kolesoplus Tire Centers, including those ordered and paid for via KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store facilities, is covered by supplier’s warranty.

The warranty period starts from the date of product purchase or service rendering.

We provide the official warranty for the entire range of products offered at our Online Store.

  • Warranty period for truck tires – 5 years or at reaching tread wear indicator (TWI);
  • Warranty period for truck tires manufactured in Belarus, Russia or China – 12 months;
  • Warranty period for passenger car & light truck tires – 5 years;
  • Warranty period for CORDIANT truck tires - 12 месяцев;
  • Warranty period for rims – 12 months against structural damages.

For warranty to be valid during the entire warranty period, several simple, but important rules of tire operation should be observed, i.e.:

  • Any installation and balancing of new tires should be performed only by qualified technical staff and with use of special equipment, followed by issuing the appropriate service confirmation document.
  • Following the initial installation of tires and 1500 to 2000 km run, it is necessary to perform a corrective balancing in a qualified tire center with documentary evidence of the work performed.
  • It is recommended to perform balancing every 10,000 to 12,000 km run during the entire operation period. This balancing practice might prolong your tires’ life.
  • Upon each tire replacement, it is also necessary to replace the tire valve, which wears out due to centrifugal forces and natural factors. The valve benefits to tightness of tires, and, consequently, their durability and your safety.

For more details on tire maintenance and proper storage, please click here.

When buying tires, the buyer should perform a thorough visual inspection of the products to identify any possible manufacturing defects and mechanical damage; if no such defects are noticed, the buyer shall put his signature in the warranty card.

Should any defects are detected on tires or rims following the installation, the buyer should provide its car along with the products purchased for root cause analysis.

The warranty obligations shall be null and void in the following cases:  

  1. Completed warranty card unavailable.
  2. Breach of the Rules for motor vehicle tires operation in accordance with Standard TKP299-2011.
  3. Tire damage caused by improper storage (please refer to instruction of proper tire storage).
  4. Use of deformed, corrosive rim, or rim of wrong size and/or type that is not designed for a particular car model.
  5. Speed limit exceeded.
  6. Motor vehicle overloaded.
  7. Tire damage caused by external factors of force-majeure (impact on an obstacle, cut, accident, fire, puncture, etc.).
  8. Driving with high or low tire inflation pressure.
  9. Use of tire of inappropriate type, size, design, etc. for a particular car model.
  10. Tire damage or its dynamic imbalance caused by unskilled installation and balancing. 
  11. Tire damage or intensive wear caused by wrong alignment (toe-in / toe-out) or damaged suspension.
  12. Tire operation beyond season (“winter” tires in summer and “summer tires” in winter).
  13. Tire damage caused by rubber-destroying chemical substances (oil products, etc.).
  14. Tire pre-repair (traces of repair);
  15. Other cases as stipulated by law. 

ATTENTION! Whereas high background noise may not deem a workmanship defect, we never accept any claims in this respect, because such claims are not accepted by the manufacturer. If this tire selection criterion is a defining factor for your purchase, we strongly recommend that you seek additional advice from our experts prior to purchase.

Respectfully yours, 
KOLESOPLUS.BY Online Store Administration.

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