Do you want to choose and buy rims for your passenger car or truck? Great idea! This is definitely the right place.

Kolesoplus Company deals with marketing and sales of passenger cars and truck rims in Belarus for cash or by wire transfers, both for individuals and legal entities, by ensuring top quality products and first importer prices. You can really be assured that we deliver the rims of your choice to any city of Belarus within one to three days. Besides, please note that we provide free delivery of rims to special pick-up points (locations and contact details are here). 

For easier and clear selection process, we provide below a brief description of specific sections of our passenger car & truck rim catalogue at Online Store, given for your kind attention. 

The catalogue comprises of two main sections: truck rims and passenger car rims. These sections are divided into the following subsections: 

Steel truck rims. These rims are designed for road trains, industrial trucks, building machinery, buses, agricultural vehicles, etc. 

Generally, such rims are used in heavy-duty environments; that is why safety and reliability criteria should rule the rim selection process. Esthetic requirements are not so important, while economy and durability factors should prevail.

Steel passenger car rims. These rims deem probably the most popular product. Generally, they are factory-made for medium-class and economy-class cars. They are popular due to strong design. While being heavier as compared to cast alloy rims, such weakness is fully balanced by higher resistance to impacts, chips and damages, which is particularly important for winter operations. It is worth noting also their repairability and high corrosion-proof properties. 

Cast alloy passenger car rims. Huge variety of design solutions and wide range of colors make it possible to find a good choice for any vehicle. 

Whatever the design idea – a car obtains its unique and final style and appearance by integrating new and nice cast alloy rims. 

You may ask, “Why should we buy cast alloy rims?” and we will answer, “Because, in addition to esthetics, the main advantages of cast alloy rims are durable design and low weight, which benefits to suspension performance, reducing its wear and contributing to more efficient fuel consumption. When choosing rims, you should pay special attention to their brand and specifications to accommodate your vehicle’s design. 

Do you have doubts about you choice? Please give us a call! Our consultant will definitely offer you the best choice to marry your preferences and budget. Our contact phones, store locations and location map are here.

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